Our Approach

At Groupe Harmonie, we know it’s possible to change at any age, to regain empowerment and to improve our quality of life. It’s important to see that over the years, our approaches have remained the same and it’s our commitment that it stays this way.

  • Harm reduction: By aiming goals going to reducing consumption to complete abstinence, we help people reduce the negative consequences of their consumption. The goal of interventions is to decrease the risks of health issues, to avoid requiring emergency services and to end up in a vulnerable situation


  • Working from the person: We consider the person, not as a problem but as the specialist of their own situation. We count on their skills, strength and their own framework to help define and pursue their own goals while respecting their own pace.


  • Proximity approach: Helping relationships stem from the interactions between the counseler, participants, volunteers, peers… The seniors struggling with addiction are often isolated. To develop new and healthy relationships is a therapeutic lever which allows the seniors to reconnect with lost interests and to regain self-esteem.


  • Global and humanist approach: Our accompaniments aim for the (re)construction of self-esteem and empowerment. We approach addiction in a holistic way in interrelation with all spheres of life (relational, environmental, financial…). All of it without judgment and taking in consideration everyone’s particularities.