We help people aged 55 years and over who struggle with addiction

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What is Groupe Harmonie

Groupe Harmonie is a non-profit organization that offers help and support to people aged 55 years and over who struggle with addiction (alcohol, drugs, medication). Our services are free for all.

N.B Groupe Harmonie doesn’t offer services for other type of addictions (ex: gambling) but it will be our pleasure to help you find the right support.

Our mission

Groupe Harmonie’s mission is the same since its creation in 1983: Helping people of 55 years of age and over who live with an addiction problem. Groupe Harmonie is still, to this day, the only organization in Quebec with this specific mission.

The services

Proximity Intervention

We offer to the residents, welcoming, listening and referral according to their needs. We create and support collective activities in each tower.

Support Groups

Support groups offer a sharing moment between peers animated by one or two counsellors. It is not mandatory to have an individual follow-up to participate.


This service is intended for anyone aged 55 years old and over wishing to improve their living conditions by working on their consumption of substances. (Alcohol, medications, etc.). This work is done with a Groupe Harmonie counsellor.

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